1. FiftiesGal's Avatar
    I'm new to owning a Blackberry, less than a week. I'm looking for a listmaker software for my BB. The one I have always used on my PDA is Listpro. Since Listpro does not make a BB compatible version, I guess I need to find something else. What I am looking for is the following:

    Ability to make lists on either the BB or desktop
    Multiple list capability
    Ability to 'flag' items needed
    Ability to 'check off' items purchased
    Ability to download a fully functional trial version

    Obviously, price versus value is a consideration.
    Can anyone give me some suggestions?
    09-03-09 10:18 AM
  2. Maddog21's Avatar
    Try Upvise. It's free and has a BB and web interface that syncs.
    I use it for shopping lists with my wife on here iPhone. Pretty good and can't beat the price.
    09-04-09 09:27 PM