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    Hi im new to blackberries as well as crackberry. I was just wondering what are some cool and/or useful apps that are availible for blackberry. My curve 8320 is in the mail and i want to customize it when it gets here. So what are your fav. apps and where can i find them thanks in advance to anyone willing to help a BB noob.
    08-24-09 10:29 PM
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    Hi Ricky, welcome to the obsession!

    As to your question, which apps you should install depend entirely on what you want to do with your Blackberry. If you're a standard consumer I'd recommend the following:

    *Music-Try Pandora or Slacker, both are user programmable streaming internet radio. Shazam will act like Verizon's song ID app.
    *3rd Party Browser - Either Bolt or Opera Mini, both are great and can load websites faster and more like they do on your PC.
    *News - Both AP News and Time magazine are great and are updated often. Food Network also has an App if that's your thing.
    *Social - Myspace and Facebook both have apps for the blackberry.
    *Shopping - Amazon has an app.

    *Convenience - there are a number of apps to make your blackberry truly YOUR blackberry:
    BeBuzz(BerryBuzz) lets you assign different LED colours for different notifications
    Quickpull lets you schedule a time to simulate a "battery pull" which will free up memory, set it to activate daily at night when you won't be using your blackberry.
    RadioOn permanently keeps you radio(antenna) on.
    Maratick is a very useful and versatile task list manager so is Evernote.
    Vlingo is a speech to text app, lets you send emails, text, search the web, update facebook and much more jusst by speaking. TellMe is similar.
    MorningNews allows you to automatically schedule a time to launch any web URL, typically a news site or your customised igoogle home page in the morning.
    Weather - Try BBWeather, WeatherEye, or BerryWeather. All are excellent weather apps and install a changing icon on your home screen that changes with the weather.
    BBFileScout is an awesome app that lets your move, rename, delete, resize(images) files, and so much more.
    BBScanner Listen to police, fire, and weather scanners from around the world.
    BBAdd-On - a public beta here on crackberry that is just plain awesome! Vibrate while ringing, blacklists, whitelists, smily modification and so much more!
    Logmaid automatically clears your event log every idle hour; helps to keep available memory up.
    Blackberry Wallet app that you can store you Credit card info toautomatically input when making purchases on you web browser.

    Almost all of these apps can be downloaded for free on either Blackberry App World (www.appworld.blackberry.com) or the Crackberry App Store.

    That should be enough to play with for a while, If not try googling (or searching here on Crackberry forums) for "Best blackberry apps

    Also check out Blackberry Launchers (from your Blackberry Browser) to download web site launchers to your phone.

    Hope this helps, If you need anything else feel free to ask, But use the search button first
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    08-24-09 11:31 PM
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    Oh, you forgot moodio.fm! (smile) It's one of my favorites. Look up a site called liveatc.net, and use moodio.fm to create your station, and you can listen to local air traffic control. You can also listen to alot of radio stations through moodio.fm. Nice app list. I got most of them, but a few I am going to have to check out. Thanks for posting.
    08-25-09 12:44 AM