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    I moved to blackberry last weekend and in general, I like it. I got a curve 8330, with sprint, if it wasnt so cheap for me, it would probably be someone else, anyway

    In honest, it has felt like a high learning curve with a high reward deal...
    Ex. Profiles sucked, at first, changing all those things to what I want, but now I like having all the options.

    Now I find I want some apps, so i ask you addicts

    1. Whats the best pop up sms app
    In a perfect world, it would pop up sms, mms bb messenger and email, or any combination you wanted, with the option to change what color the LED indicator shows for each. You could then dismiss or read/respond to the message, and easily return to whatever you were doing, or return the phone to the pocket. It would also be sweet if it had a built in ring while vibrating, with adjustable vibration lengths for message type. Maybe even an override so hitting the green cell button does a one slick send sorta thing, but I know I am already sounding greedy. I am a little disappointed the BB doesnt do some of these things outa the box.
    ** just found and am looking at BerryPopup and Berrybuz together to do this, what do you guys think?

    2. A flashlight that uses my cameras flash to light up, not the screen!
    I know the video camera can serve as this, but it would be cool to simplfy the steps with a dedicated app
    **I had searched earlier and didnt see this **One-Touch-Flashlight-(Uses-the-Video-Camera-Light)** [sorry it would be a hotlink, but you need 10 posts to do that]. exactly what I was looking for!

    3. Any good flight weather or just a good free weather app, with radar
    If your a pilot with some apps that you actually like, as I hear most all of them suck, please share.

    4. A solid stock portfolio app
    I have fidelity and schwab accounts, either of them have good dedicated apps, or another third party app?

    5. Any other cool useful apps?
    I already have opera

    thanks for reading , sorry if it seemed a little long
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    07-01-09 07:13 PM
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    Hi There,

    The best and only flashlight app that I have found, that uses the camera flash is the "One Touch Flashlight" from the Jaredco.

    You should also check out this developer's other products...in particular the "One Touch SMS"...the quickest way to text on blackberry.

    Good luck.

    07-02-09 03:33 PM
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    1. berrybuzz and popup are a must.

    2. that is the only one but you can get it for free by switching your video recorder flash to always on. that is basically all the app is.

    3. i love berryweather

    4. dont know.

    5. meterberry, quicklaunch, visualarts wall paper shuffle, random tones, add to contact, add number as, beyond 160 and my call logs. these are all must have apps in my opinion.
    07-02-09 11:10 PM
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    1. berrypopup and berry buzz
    2. as stated before one touch flashlight or whatever
    3. n/a
    4. Quicklaunch 2, add to contact, phonelog, profiler, beejive, roblock or berry locator
    07-02-09 11:56 PM
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    5. If you are a music lover check out Slacker or Pandora. Here's some good links for apps. Welcome to crackberry and WDE!

    07-03-09 12:08 AM