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    Do you know this situation?
    You left your smartphone on a place in your house or your car and you miss incoming messages and calls? While you are sitting on your PC the battery level gets low and you don't notice? That's what Smart Notifier is for.

    * You'll get notifications from your phone while it is in your WLAN range.
    * Read your SMS right on your PC without searching for your Smartphone.
    * Don't miss a call. You can see who is calling on your desktop.
    * Check your battery level in your system tray.

    Additional Features
    * Set a battery level to popup Smart Notifier
    * Reduce windows sound level on incoming call
    * Play custom sounds from your PC if a sms comes in or a call receives
    * Enter different profiles e.g. for work or home

    It's a client/server app for blackberry/windows.
    I am interested in any feedback.

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    03-26-12 11:04 AM