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    So you are bored of the same old ringtone each time you get a call. Ever wanted to have random ringtones? Now you can with RandomTones.

    With RandomTones you assign a ringtone folder and RandomTones will randomly select a ringtone each time you get a phone call.

    You can set up to 5 profiles. Each profile has a start and end time and a ringtone folder. You can set a profile to use professional ringtones when you are at the office and set up a second profile to play funky ringtones when you are at home.

    RandomTones will not change the Contact ringtone if you already assigned a custom ringtone to the contact. RandomTones only works for the global Sound Profile ringtone.


    * BlackBerry® OS 4.7 and higher

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    03-31-10 10:39 AM
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    Sounds like a good app. Now if they would just rerlease an os update for me

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    03-31-10 11:16 AM