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    MiniPaint is a small application for editing images on BlackBerry devices. Their main purpose is to create funny pictures with the use of clipart.

    BlackBerry MiniPaint have unique features, all in one pack.

    • Image scaling
    • Image cropping
    • Clipart.- Early 100 images available, and many more will be added.
    • Text.- several fonts, sizes, colors, bold & italic
    • Image filters.- Sepia, Solarize, Invert, HSB, Gray Scale, Borders and others

    Yes, the images created with MiniPaint are ready to be shared with your friends or family by MMS, BBM, Twitter, FaceBook, Email. They are small and they are funny!

    • Only can be opened images in JPEG and PNG format.
    • The images must have a minimun size of your device screen (ex. 320 or 480) and no larger that 1600x1200. If an image is larger that 1280x960 this will be automatically scaled for a max width of 1280.
    • The image produced by MiniPaint will be always in JPEG format.
    • This program uses a copy of your picture, there is no possibility of damaging their original pictures.
    • The downloaded clipart are stored in your USB drives, not in device memory.


    Use the BlackBerry File Explorer for browse and select the photo you want to edit. When an image has been selected, press the BlackBerry button and choose the option "Open with MiniPaint".


    Take care about the number clipart do you download. Don't download ALL the clipart at once, remember that your BB device is limited in memory and maybe your device can't load 90 or 100 clipart when you are creating a photo. We recommend you to delete the clipart no longer used.

    Currently the clipart downloads doesn't work with devices using BES.


    You can buy your license key in the CrackBerry App Store.


    This software has been extensively tested, but it is not bug-free. All updates and fixes for this application are free, with your payment you get a perpetual license.

    If you have an issue, please contact us, support AT bbfour DOT com.

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    Thank you very much for your interest, but mainly for your feedback, is very valuable.
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    Very Nice App, this is the best app I never seen before. I like it a Lot
    04-23-10 03:15 PM