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    Okay, I had never even heard of GrooveShark until earlier this week, for those who are not familiar it is an on-demand streaming music site. Unlike Pandora or Slacker, GrooveShark lets you directly PICK the songs that you hear, not just form a station around a given genre/artist/song etc.

    Their web player is okay, can get a little confusing with some functions, and probably needs a little work overall (see it at Grooveshark - Listen to Free Music Online - Internet Radio - Free MP3 Streaming ). There is a free membership option, which gives you plenty of control over what you are hearing and allows you plenty of room for playlists and favorites. Then there is a VIP option (costs $3/mo), which gives you unlimited playlists, favorites, no advertisements, etc. as well as access to their desktop player and access to GrooveShark mobile for blackberry or android (iphone support is supposedly coming soon).

    I'm a music freak and was thrilled just coming across this website, so I decided that I HAD to try this new app on my Tour, so I signed up for a one month VIP membership (which automatically re-bills every month) so I could check it out. Sign-up was easy and VIP access was instant. I was able to download the app for my Tour even before I had the membership, but would not function until I had paid the $3.

    Overall I must say that I am very impressed with this app. The UI is very nice looking, and pretty easy to use. Any playlists that you have created on the web will also show up in the BB app and vice-versa. You also have the ability to search and play any song, instantly. I am not sure if EVERY song is available, but I have not yet searched for a song that I could not find, the library must be HUGE.

    The coolest feature that I have seen so far is the "Allow Offline Playback" option which is present for any song that you are currently listening to. Selecting this option will save the song to your SD card for listening any time (even with no signal) very similar to Slacker's cache feature. The song is stored in a folder on the SD card labeled "GrooveShark" in a proprietary format like Slacker does with it's cached files.

    I'm still in my first few hours of playing with this app, so I may have forgotten important things, so don't flame me later if we all find out that this app will in fact brick your phone, I just don't know yet, but seems just fine for me so far running a 9630 Tour on sprint with 4.7 os.

    Yes, it costs money, but I think they give the option to pay for a full year for $30, so you save a little money over the $3/mo. I am a musician and find having the ability to listen to any song that I may want to hear WHENEVER I want to hear it is probably worth the $3/mo, but that is just me.

    Once you sign up for a VIP account on your PC, you can download the app by visiting grooveshark.com on your BB browser for an OTA install.

    Have Fun!

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    nice to see deftones there. if i had a data plan this would be great, thanks
    12-24-09 01:07 PM
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    looks like the guys at cb have taken notice to the app... I hope there is an update in the works on this.
    01-01-10 08:25 PM
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    What is the bitrate? Good streaming quality?
    01-02-10 11:48 AM