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    It has been a busy week over here at Epic Applications, and we are pleased to present a new app: Golf Scorecard!

    Golf Scorecard - Entertainment BlackBerry Apps - Crackberry BlackBerry Software Store

    (if you are getting There are no products in your shopping cart. try the Mobihand link here: Golf Scorecard - Entertainment Blackberry Software)

    At the request of many users, Golf Scorecard is a simple, easy to use and attractive scorecard. Unlike other golf apps, Golf Scorecard only tries to do one thing and it does it well--keep track of your golf scores.

    The app was designed with simplicity in mind, while still providing great features for the user.

    - Beautiful scorecard screen designed just for the Storm
    - Unlimited number of user-defined courses
    - Track up to 4 players scores
    - Store old round histories
    - Email round histories to anyone, anytime
    - Easy to use course entry screen
    - Beautiful images designed for the Storm
    - Touch support for swiping between scorecard screens


    Golf Scorecard - Entertainment BlackBerry Apps - Crackberry BlackBerry Software Store

    Check it out today only for $1.49!
    07-09-09 02:23 AM
  2. Cheech92007's Avatar
    Hey Epic, this is an amazing app! Me and my dad both golf a lot and this is gonna save us sooo much time! Keep up the good work!!
    07-09-09 02:45 AM
  3. aghart's Avatar
    This app is great! It is simple, effective and looks awesome. I'll be using it every time I hit the links from here on out.

    Thanks Epic!
    07-09-09 04:58 AM
  4. rcdeck's Avatar
    Great job! Wish I had this yesterday when I was out there though
    07-09-09 06:01 AM
  5. mazz0310's Avatar
    Wish I played golf just so I can get this app.
    07-09-09 06:31 AM
  6. jlawler4's Avatar
    Unfortunately my phone is not to be turned on while playing golf
    07-09-09 07:13 AM
  7. aimetti's Avatar
    wow very reasonably priced. greattttttttt app.
    07-09-09 07:30 AM
  8. johnny_b_ylt's Avatar
    This is fantastic Epic!

    So I can create my 3 local courses, enter the par score, then enter mines and my friends while we play then email?

    Sounds fantastic! Cant wait to get home to my credit card after work and buy this!
    07-09-09 07:43 AM
  9. jakeh0's Avatar
    This is probably the first time I have been tempted to buy a BB app. Looks really nice and functional. It'd be cool if it already had course data in it like BBGPS though.
    07-09-09 08:08 AM
  10. Sirhill's Avatar
    This is a great app. I have been looking for something like this. No more looking for that little pencil in the middle of my rounds.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    07-09-09 08:10 AM
  11. theswami#CB's Avatar
    It looks good but I think it needs more functionality to truly replace a scorecard.

    For example, there are times when I need to look at the scorecard for yardages since I forgot to look at the sign at the hole while walking to my tee box. It would be nice if this app had that information.

    With that said, very nice effort for a simple and cheap app.
    07-09-09 08:15 AM
  12. jakeh0's Avatar
    And also, i dont like using the storm while golfing because i have to use portrait mode due to the glove on my left hand
    07-09-09 08:29 AM
  13. CubfanBU's Avatar
    good looking app, i plan on trying it out when I play on saturday. It only took me 2 minutes to enter the course data which was very easy to do. The only change i would like to see is to make it possible to track putts on each hole as well as total score.
    When I play, on my score card I mark the score for the hole (5) and the number of putts the hole (2). It would be nice to have the ability to do this on the app as well if you choose
    07-09-09 08:46 AM
  14. Cheech92007's Avatar
    look out in the future guys, there could be some upgrades
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    07-09-09 12:01 PM
  15. epicdraws's Avatar
    Hey guys, please rate the app over at the Crackberry store if you like it!
    07-09-09 09:46 PM
  16. epicdraws's Avatar
    Now available for Curve 8900 and the Bold!
    07-11-09 10:19 PM
  17. brucem76's Avatar
    Just bought - looks good - any way it could take handicaps, and work out Stableford scoring, which is a very common way of scoring rounds?

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    10-04-09 02:20 PM