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    DipCalc is a dip switch calculator to convert any number to binary and then display it on the screen with graphic. It will help in addressing various DMX fixtures and will save you having to work out binary values.

    Easy and superb graphical user interface making DipCalc easy to use and see with stunning visual.

    Click here to download and purchase for only $0.99 DipCalc - Dip switch calculato - Personal Productivity BlackBerry Apps - Crackberry BlackBerry Software Store
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    08-17-09 07:30 PM
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    pretty cool looking!
    08-17-09 07:34 PM
  3. Smiley88's Avatar
    now available for the Bold, curve 8900 and Tour.
    08-18-09 11:44 AM
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    It looks cool. I forgot all about binary. Took digital electronics last year(sophomore year).

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    08-18-09 01:41 PM
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    And here I though it had something to do with Rapper DMX.
    08-18-09 01:48 PM
  6. -BoneZ-'s Avatar
    Can you now make us a real calculator where the numbers and the "+-/*" are all in the correct locations, you know, like a real calculator instead of the garbage that RIM gave us for a calculator?

    That would be great if you could, thanks.
    08-18-09 06:59 PM