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    Application Name: News & Feedz (v1.1)

    Hi all, take a look at the new app that I developed, it has Crackberry.com and other Blackberry feeds, news and apps that are available for download. The following feeds are available to view in the app:

    * Latest Blackberry OS Releases
    * Crackberry.com feeds
    * GSMeg.com (apps and games for Blackberry)
    * Open Source Blackberry apps

    Please download via Appworld, and leave your comments below, ideas and suggestions, this is my first release of many more news and updated Blackberry feeds applications, any suggestions for improvement will be taken into consideration.

    This app has been tested on the following devices, and seems to work without any bugs:

    * BLACKBERRY 9900 (OS7.1+)
    * BLACKBERRY 8520 (OS4+)
    * BLACKBERRY 9800 (OS6+)

    Also report if this application does not work on your phone and I will see what I can do to fix it.

    I hope you enjoy this Blackberry news / feeds app!
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    09-03-12 01:39 PM
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    Hmm..I'll try it and see how it does.

    But first, how is it different from the RSS feeds that are pulled through the server and sent to the phones'?

    I have the CrackBerry Feeds that pull in all the news of CB to the RSS.
    09-06-12 02:23 AM