1. TheChefSLC's Avatar
    sitting here looking at some of the pictures i have to use daily just thinking how it could be better i thought of a great idead for an app.

    I am not a developer nor do i want to take the time to learn it. so here is my idea in the hopes that some one with the knowledge and ability can make something of it, and possibly some money too,

    There are some of us like me, who have to take pictures of documents to be able to view some information. it would be really nice to have an app that would access the camera, read the text thats on the page and then creat a simple document file based on what it does. basicly a scaning app that uses the camera on the blackberry instead of using a 3rd party device.

    Im sure this app is out there and would require a lot of work, but i feel there is defenetly a market for it if its viable.
    07-30-09 10:39 AM
  2. wingzfan61's Avatar
    Kinda like adobe finereader? Not sure if a BB would be able to handle it that well since a PC cant seem to do it that great.
    07-30-09 10:53 AM
  3. else_where's Avatar
    there are several of these services out there already, but do to the constraints of the phone processing power, use a different approach. you send them the pic via email, and they email you the doc in what ever format you are signed up for.
    one such service is called scanr
    07-30-09 11:20 AM