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    I released a new app that I think some people might enjoy The app is constantly being improved on and there is a lot more planned for the app if there's interest.

    Description / Features:

    Do you like comic strips? Now you can make your own with Comic Strip Maker!. Transform your everyday photos into a comic strip and share them with your friends and family. Create a funny comic strip that makes your friends laugh or create comic strips that show off your fun vacations and adventures.

    Comic Strip Maker! works by letting you choose photos from your gallery and then applying a comic book strip effect to them. It is very easy to use and takes you step by step through the entire creation process. You can make a small strip with a single pane or a bigger strip with two or three panes. You can tell a story using the space above and below the strip. Add taking dialog bubbles next to your friends mouths to make them say funny things or use dialog bubbles to add conversation to your strip.

    - Create comic strips using photos from your photo gallery.
    - Does not modify your original picture (works with a copy of it).
    - Add text to the top and bottom of each pane.
    - Add talking dialog bubbles to each pane.
    - Choose from 17 different filters: halftone (creates a newspaper comic strip effect), cartoon effect, retro cartoon, worn out cartoon, yellow vision, blue vision, green vision, pink vision, red vision, portable green, pencil sketch, and more.
    - 4 comic strip layouts: single pane, two pane, three pane, and three pain (two rows).
    - Save comic strips as either PNG or JPEG.

    App World Link: Comic Strip Maker! - Create your own comic strips (for PlayBook)
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