1. QuiteSimple's Avatar
    The makers of best-selling SmartBCalendar (the original calendar application) and of award-winning free SmartBBattery

    proudly present


    The first daily horoscope revealing your BlackBerry phone destiny on a daily basis, along with love, work, finance and wellness.

    Is it the right day for a romantic dinner? Will I get a promotion at work? Do I need to wipe my BlackBerry again? BeHoroscope won't answer those questions, but it will give you a 1-5 stars success probability hint. Also BeHoroscope shows current zodiac sign as app icon.

    Key features:
    • App Icon - current zodiac sign picture
    • App Name - current zodiac sign name
    • Default daily horoscope for the current zodiac sign
    • Choose daily horoscope for:
      • any zodiac sign
      • any given day
    • Shows 1-5 stars rating values for:
      • Sex/Love
      • Career/Work
      • Money/Finance
      • Health/Wellness
      • BlackBerry
    • Easy to use

    Get it now for just 0.99$

    03-06-10 04:54 AM
  2. ba_hamilton's Avatar
    This is a fun little app. Can't beat it for 99 cents. I notice that on most days my BB gets more sex than I do LOL.

    04-24-10 02:06 PM