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    I've had AutoText Backup since the day the developer, anditsung (who has since then been banned from CrackBerry, http://forums.crackberry.com/members/anditsung-1880148/) first posted on CrackBerry about it. It was created during a time when OS and DM bugs were preventing Auto Texts from being backed up. AutoTextBackup was a great idea, and the developer promised that it would always be free.

    That promise was quickly broken and AutoTextBackup became a paid app for anyone who wanted to backup more than 20 Auto Texts. It was, if I remember right, $1.99 when the developer first decided to charge for it.

    Being a developer myself, I wasn't really offended by the sudden and unannounced decision to change the app from free to paid; after all, it was useful and so I got a copy of it. The developer later decided to switch to server authentication due to piracy concerns (somewhat amusing, because if memory serves the developer is very well acquainted with and a frequent contributor to sites devoted to piracy).

    My problem started a few weeks ago, when after a hybrid install the app would not register for me. I finally contacted the dev about it, and he told me to request a refund from Mobihand, as they had not paid him (obviously we all know Mobihand is not going to refund a purchase from several months ago).

    Now I'm aware of the Mobihand situation, they owe me some money myself. It's one thing to simply remove your apps from Mobihand and no longer provide updates to customers of the Mobihand store.

    It's quite another thing, and highly innappropriate in my opinion, to proactively block customers because Mobihand did not pay you.

    I therefore will absolutely not support this developer in the future, and I encourage others here on CrackBerry to not do so as well.

    Also, for anyone else who purchased the app from Mobihand and has had their pin blocked, the pre-registration versions can be obtained from http://forums.crackberry.com/forum-f...ty-os6-611095/. I have also created OTA downloads for them, and you can download it from:


    If you would like to contact the developer to let him know that his business practices are unethical, you can do so at: [email protected]
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    03-26-12 06:43 PM