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    ... on to one blackberry.

    My wife and i sync'd her (own) Google Calendar and my Google Calendar to where her calendar shows up on mine and mine shows up on hers.

    i put together a Google Doc power point on how i did it, but i want to make sure it's correct, and works before i go public with it.

    I'd hate for it to be a fluke and post it and it not work correctly

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    03-22-10 01:37 PM
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    I would love to but i don't use the calendar at all.But it sounds like a winner.Good luck.
    03-22-10 02:28 PM
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    pm me, i have kind of the same setup but it doesnt work 100%.
    03-24-10 07:00 AM
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    I'm pushing 10 different Google calendars to multiple devices. Haven't tried any more than that.

    Events added to any of the calendars online at google.com/calendar push to default calendar on the BB (as stated before), not allowing for color coding of calendars on the device - a nice feature I managed once, but too cumbersome and not imperative.

    The only hitch is that adding an event on the device pushes to a single calendar at Google - I have set my device to not add new handheld events anywhere, as I daily add and edit events on several of the calendars. I would rather make a note in my tasks and add events when I get to a PC, so that the event shows up on the right calendar at Google.

    Very interested in seeing this feature developed more fully.

    Multiple Calendar Sync with Colors
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    03-24-10 07:25 AM