1. jmanor2's Avatar
    I downloaded the trial version of BBSmart Alarms Pro successfully and the software is working fine. However, I have a problem and wonder if it has to do with the trial version vs. buying the software. I have a song on my SD card and am trying to use it for the alarm. This song plays fine on my BlackBerry Curve 8320, but when I bring that file into the BBSmart Alarms Pro program and hit the "Test Alarm Sound" button, nothing happens. I've already changed the configuration to permit third-party applications, but I still don't get sound on that test - or for the alarm after I've brought the song into the Alarm program. I emailed support@blackberrysmart.com but have not heard back. Can anyone help?
    01-13-09 02:48 PM
  2. t3chn1ck's Avatar
    i have the same problem I've set all permissions to allow and still no sound. does anyone have an answer. I've already purchased this and I'm starting to think it was a mistake. getting a refund here is like pulling teeth, support hasn't been able to offer any valid advice.

    does anyone who has this working on their storm have any advice?
    03-16-09 11:41 AM
  3. buirus's Avatar
    I am not sure if my experiences applies to this particular app but I used to have another alarm app that had a similar problem. I had to turn off the firewall setting on the BB to make the program be able to access the music file. I hope this helps.
    03-16-09 12:28 PM