1. Wilm Wrightsvill's Avatar
    Anyone have a download link to get the previous version 2.0.91 of SLACKER? This version of the BB download allowed station cache without having to pay for a subcription.

    With Nextels slow IDEN network, cache station(s) is the only way to utilize Slacker.

    *With the current Slacker version you have to pay monthly to get the cache option.
    06-08-10 04:34 PM
  2. still83fifty's Avatar
    Not sure if you still need this but here is the link I used straight from Slacker.com, it's the free version with cache option.

    Slacker Personal Radio - Slacker Radio on Your BlackBerry :: Download

    I checked the version and it is the same, the ability to cache the stations is invaluable on this iden network. I tried Heartradio, virtualradio, pandora(which after downloading the app it promptly told me upon opening that it only operates on wifi on my phone) all of them had to high of stream rate, constant pausing.

    I currently have 7 stations saved on my phone and listen to them constantly. If it wasn't for slacker(and a large memory card) I would have no radio option for my 8350i.
    06-10-10 01:34 AM
  3. Wilm Wrightsvill's Avatar
    still83fifty-I agree Slacker cache is the ONLY way one is able to listen to music via 8350i! But, before I go through the process of loading through the link you provided (which I think is the same currently online), are you sure that this isn't a trial offer of 14 days or some time period like that? I read in some forums that after 14 days that not only are you NOT able to cache anymore stations-but, the loaded/cached stations on ones device quit working. Thanks.
    06-10-10 10:03 AM
  4. still83fifty's Avatar
    Well, that would really suck, It's the first I've heard though. I just went and snooped around the slacker site, and the first thing I realized is that the slacker version your talking about and the one my 8350i automatically downloaded (with the link I provided you) is without question a old version. That being said, I didn't see anywhere where it said cache option runs out after 14days. There's a 7 day trial of the radio plus(paid version) and I did see mentioned in the forums people saying things like "caching not working and I do have a paid version". But I signed up for a account there and downloaded their service to my phone on the 16th of May so it's been over 14days and I cached some last night. I don't know, I sincerely hope the feature doesn't go away b/c the app will be useless to me if so.

    Good luck, hope it works out.
    06-11-10 02:32 AM
  5. littona's Avatar
    Slacker is one of two apps that I paid for. Granted, the price has gone up since Slacker was originally launched, but being able to skip songs and have no commercials is a definite plus.

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    06-11-10 06:11 AM