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    Ok so I purchased Memory Booster last night (May 20, 2010) from the App World and I've been playing around with it today. I thought it would solve my memory leak issues by recovering the lost memory but I realized that wasn't the case because everytime I do a recovery and get for example 12MB in total of recovered memory, all it recovers it less than 1MB it shows in memory from options. So now i'm starting to think this memory recovery thing was setup to result in those numbers ie. That amount of recovered memory was purposely put on the little popup window, because its always the same results but in different times. I've also seen those numbers on the demo video. So idk if anyone else is having the same issue with this app but i'm thinking to get a refund because i'm not getting any recovered memory which I find completely useless. So if anyone else is having this issue please post it so I don't think i'm the only one with this issue or at least doesn't look like it. Thanks for your concern. Much appreciated!

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    Regrettably you have found out the hard way about the so-called memory applications.

    There is a clear consensus amongst the hard line technical users that most or all of the memory manipulators are a scam, and can't do what they claim any more efficiently than simply leaving the built-in ability of the native OS to get on with it.

    If you use the forum search you should find links which have more opinions. Search expressions like "memoryup scam" "memorybooster" "berryjoose" should get some hits. Unfortunately some of the less reputable developers have a nasty habit of creating false users to shill their products so you may also find some false testimonials so you need to make your own judgement - but the post count of the members often gives a clue because the shills get ejected when we find them.

    Sorry about that
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    It's amazing that even with these bad reviews people buy this app. Here's a sampling of the reviews and after reading these why would you have bought this? You should request a refund:

    This app is a big joke. It takes more memory than it recovers. And my BB crashes frequently after using it. The good reviews must be paid ones. User be aware!

    they should have named it memory leaker! man am i glad I only wasted .99 cents for this!

    Completely fake results and the app keeps freezing my phone.
    Crap! This app takes more memory than it recovers. My BB runs much slower than before after I installed it and ran ii in the background. It is some kind of memory crasher, instead of memory booster. Please refund.

    This app is totally useless. It wastes more memory than it frees. The last thing I can do is to remove it from my Storm.

    I was hopefully, but apparently this app does nothing good for my BlackBerry. In fact, my BB crashes a couple of time after I run this app. And now I have to remove it permanently and ask for a refund
    This app is useless. If you run the built-in BB Memory Cleaner first then run this app is retrieves virtually NO add'l memory! Waste of money.

    A waste of money!!! No use at all, please refund
    05-22-10 08:56 AM
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    I was never able to read review after upgrading to version .33 of app world because I always get an error message saying "There was a problem reading data from the server and app world must exit Error type: 100002" and it immediately exits after this as it states. But before this I always used to read the reviews before purchasing something. i'm surprised RIM haven't noticed this issue yet or maybe its just me whose dealing with this error message. But anyways thanks for the heads up guys time to request a refund!

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