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    Good day all,

    I tried to get My-Cast Weather Premium Edition for my BlackBerry Bold 9900 by scanning the QR Code as found at Buy My-Cast Weather Premium Edition - Download My-Cast Weather Premium Edition - Buy Apps from BlackBerry App World.

    According to the website, my device is supported. I see that it states that the United States is the supported Country and that may be what is blocking me (I'm in Canada), But I am a frequent business traveler to the USA so I donít understand why I canít purchase this.

    I also know that there is a version for Canada that works on my sons new Blackberry Curve but the Bold 9900 is not in the supported list.

    And My-cast Classic is also not available to non US residents.

    Please advise me of how I can get both the Canadian Version and the USA version.

    I have contacted Digital Cyclone and they state "You are not able to buy apps from another market such as the US or vice versa. What dictates where you can buy apps from, generally, is what carrier you have your Blackberry through or your internet connection can also set this for you. There is no way that I know of to legitimately get apps from another country/market"

    Any help would be appreciated.
    09-05-12 05:34 PM