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    Hello, fellow Berry addicts! I hope this thread isn't inappropriately placed....
    I've done a bit of searching, and have yet to locate an app with the specific functionality I desire.
    Does anyone know if there is a free application that will allow me to stream and listen to song links available on websites and web pages, etc? The closest apps I can find are all "radio" linear play based, and don't involve the capability to choose the songs I want to play. I know this might be a dead end, because of the various file types, link handling, etc. My goal is to listen to tunes off web data bases, just as I might from my personal collection.
    If anyone knows of anything similiar to this, please let me know.
    Thank you for any guidance or assistance given in this matter.

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    03-06-11 08:09 PM
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    My goal is to listen to tunes off web data bases, just as I might from my personal collection.
    Welcome to Crackberry.

    Wow, that's an interesting idea, but I haven't heard about anything that would accommodate doing so. It seems like you would first need to fully download each song into your collection so you could then play it.

    Just out of curiosity, are these web-based music databases legal? And who provides and manages the music (that is, how do the songs get into the database?). I didn't know that there were online music sources that allowed for free selective song play without it being an ad-based or subscription-based service like Pandora or Slacker or just a typical radio station that provides streaming MP3 of their broadcast.

    I guess the function you're describing would also need to be able to "view" the songs that were available on the online database so that you could then choose the ones you wanted to hear and exclude the others (which you can't really do with a Pandora-like service, you can only skip songs as they're played for you). Now that I think through it more, these sound like the kinds of reasons that each database would probably need to build their own listening/interacting tool to access and use the music correctly rather than relying on a generic music player function to work correctly with their site.

    But man alive, if you happen to find a tool like that I'd be dern interested in knowing about it. Sounds like something I could make some serious use of. Good luck with the search.
    03-07-11 03:46 PM
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    Usually you just click the link and it gives the option to open or save. Choosing open, opens the player. If that's what your talking about. If not its most likely a flash based player .for that we'd just need to have flash in our browsers.

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    03-07-11 05:18 PM