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    Hi, I currently have a WP7 with mango, it is pretty and useful but the device is just to big (is a Dell Venue Pro, the heaviest handset in the market), however I miss my 9780, which I sold for the only reason that it used to double type all the time; the things I really miss about my BB are the battery life and the IM apps, I use GTalk and Live messenger a lot so my question is, does BB7 has those still?

    I was almost convinced that this WP7 was only going to be temporary but Mango really delivers a lot of fixes that I really wanted like Live Messenger support and multi lingual keyboards; however i was really happy with my Bold and i know I would prefer a smaller phone.
    I have to mention that I've used uPS and Android also so I really know what to expect from each mobile OS.
    08-18-11 10:23 PM
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    yep os 7 still has gtalk and live messenger.
    08-18-11 11:49 PM
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    Thanks a lot!

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    08-19-11 09:25 AM