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    * People have been taking diaries since probably when they started writing.
    * There is something gratifying about writing one’s memories and feeling at a moment and reviewing them later.
    * It’s true that people have been doing diaries less and less.
    * With all the modern tools available today to get the job done, there is no reason to stop your diaries if you still enjoy writing them.
    * My Diary is one of those tools.
    * By using this application that lets you record your notes and view them later without having to worry about others getting their hands on your private notes.
    * You can send your weekly diary notes, monthly diary notes to your mail.
    * You can send mail to individual diary note.
    * You can search diary note or based on date or both.
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    o Usage of this application safe and securable.
    o Easy access of your entries possible through search option
    o Attractive user interface & quick navigations possible
    o By using this application you can send diary notes to your dearest ones.

    Click here to download app
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    Wowzer! This is just the app for a writer like myself! I wish they had more writing and organizer apps like this! Thanks!
    05-23-10 01:56 AM