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    My6151.com is preparing to launch our Beta program for an exciting new service and invites you to join!

    My6151.com’s goal is that, as a general aviation pilot, you will never again have to manually record your flight activity to comply with FAR part 61.51. You no longer have to fill out your logs, just upload your flight activity from your mobile device running the My6151 Client to the My6151.com service and your logs will be created for you!

    The My6151.com web site provides the ability to view, maintain and print your logs. Log entries can be searched and filtered in various ways and we’ll continue to enhance all website features to ensure a continued and growing value to our customers. Future features will include automatic maintenance and notifications for your currencies and many others that will be announced in the coming months.

    My6151.com utilizes your GPS and Internet capable smart phone or other mobile device to record details of each flight, upload them to the My6151.com service and automatically generate your log entries including but not limited to the information required by the FAA. My6151.com provides access to printed versions of your logbook and even allows you to schedule automatic email delivery of new log entries right to your inbox.

    We need some assistance by a variety of pilots, aircraft characteristics and flying tendencies to exercise our product and get feedback on the features we’ve included and plan to implement in the coming months.

    We are actively seeking current general aviation pilots that meet the following criteria:
    • You participate in a flight as pilot-in-command or second-in-command on a fairly frequent basis.

    • You own a Blackberry device with internet access and functioning GPS capabilities through either a built-in GPS receiver or a Bluetooth GPS receiver.

    • We will be expanding the product to support iPhone, Windows Mobile, Google/Android and other platforms in the near future. If you have a device other than a Blackberry, you may still register for the Beta however you will not be included in this first round. Instead you may be contacted when we prepare to launch for your device.

    Joining the Beta program will allow you early access to this new service. Entry into the Beta program is limited, and those accepted will receive discounted or complimentary service once My6151.com goes live.

    We encourage you to visit My6151.com and Signup for the My6151 Beta Program by clicking the Register button.

    If you’d like more information on My6151.com, click the 'All the Rest' link and follow the links found on that page.

    You may also sing into My6151.com with our Demonstration user account to view some of the features available as a registered user. To do so, visit My6151.com and click the ‘Login as Demo’ button. Please note that the functionality of the Demonstration user is limited and does not allow for any information on the site to be modified.

    The My6151.com Team thanks you for your support and welcomes all of you to learn more about My6151.com!
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