1. kb24 uses the bb storm's Avatar
    my quicklaunch code will not successfully activate, it tells me it is invalid and i have the code from the order and the order number and everything, it just wont work. help i love quicklaunch
    05-10-09 05:52 PM
  2. korp#IM's Avatar
    Try contacting the maker .... or try a reinstall of the app.
    05-10-09 05:56 PM
  3. sikpupi's Avatar
    1) make sure that the PIN provided when purchasing QuickLaunch was correct.
    2) Email CheetahAce to ask if the PIN is correct and the code is still rejected.

    Between 1 and 2, try the following if you like...

    a) Uninstall
    b) Battery Pull
    c) Reinstall
    d) Battery Pull
    e) Activate/Register

    ... and if it still don't work -- try #2
    05-10-09 06:23 PM