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    I love Pandora, but the last few weeks it had increasing been performing poorly on my Tour 9630. It had begun stopping quite a lot in the middle of a song and wouldn't restart the music. Perhaps it had something to do with me recently upgrading to the latest, and supposedly greatest, OS version for Tour 9630 on the Sprint network?

    Anyway, Pandora was loaded on my BB when I purchased it, so it was not downloaded from AppWorld. I just started thinking, what if a newer version is out there, how would I know since Pandora is not in my "My World" in BB AppWorld so I don't get notifications of new versions?

    Well, I opened Pandora, clicked on the menu button, and saw there was an option to download a newer version. I did, and it upgraded me from a lower version to I gave it a test drive and it has worked flawlessly all day today, even in our office building where I get only 1 to 3 bars. FYI, I noticed in AppWorld that the latest version offered there is, apparently a lower version than what I just downloaded.

    Maybe all of you Pandora users already know this stuff, but thought I'd post this just in case. I am thrilled to have my Pandora back! I'm liking my BlackBerry A WHOLE LOT BETTER TODAY.
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