1. John Deere Man's Avatar

    I recently figured out how to sync Facebook with my Contacts on my Blackberry Tour. The only problem is all I get to see in my contacts is their Facebook picture, name, and phone # if I request it.

    I don't get to see any thing else. I was under the impression I could see their e-mail and maybe birthday and stuff like that. I am wrong or is there some setting I have wrong.

    I was also wondering if the events on Facebook would automatically show up in my Calendar. This does not seem to have happened. I have see birthdays but not scheduled events. How come it only shows in the calendar and not under their name in my contacts?

    I have all the options checked under options in Facebook.

    Any help on this would be great.

    Thank you.
    01-03-10 08:30 AM
  2. PRB7763's Avatar
    You shoud be able to see their email in your contacts but their birthdays will only be in your calendar. But remember, the only email you'll see in your contacts is the email your friends registered with FB. Not sure about events though.
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    01-03-10 09:36 AM
  3. John Deere Man's Avatar
    well if I can see their e-mail on Facebook info for their page. Wouldn't that mean that it is registered, and I should have it on my Blackberry?
    01-03-10 11:31 AM
  4. dave3825us's Avatar
    I just associated a friend on facebook to her entry in my bb contacts. It did not pull in her email or aim name that are listed on her profile. I don't think it grabs this info but it seems like it should.
    01-03-10 01:59 PM