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    I received a software update on my bb 9790 3 days ago and decided to do it on my cell phone. The update started fine and I choose to install.
    I finished all the options and when I pressed on install, a note appeared that the process will take 2 hours, but today is my third day having the white page with overall backup progress 7% and social feeds 0%!!! I cant exit cant press anything all I can o is switch off!!!! I tried switching off and on million times everyday but its on the same percentage and same page. my phone has been useless for 3 days now please help me fix this!!!
    I tried connection it on blackberry desktop software but it cant connect to my phone. and whenever I plug my phone off the charger it turns off and the device is so hot!!!
    What should I do??!

    Please help I need to use my phone asap Im without a phone for 3 days now!
    02-11-13 07:25 AM

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