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    Hi All, Im new to this but have been using BB for over an year now.

    The problem is complicating, even to mention and i have checked with BB experts in my country as i work for a carrier anyways, and the answer i have got in "NOT POSSIBLE" but i like to have ur opinion as well.

    3 individuals are involved here to simplify i'll use X, Y, Z and we're all on BES

    Im constantly on the chat on BBm with X. X's phone was stuck all of a sudden and had done a battery pull, i wasn't aware of this & still kept messaging X. When the phone was restarted X's BBM was empty erased (is it possible to do this remotely) as on a new device. (Still im chatting with X though n messages were delivered) in the mean time i get a new friend invite from X again (cos her BBM was erased and empty). But i had X in my contacts anyways, it wasn't removed, but under a different PIN. This is where it gets interesting. X and i was chatting until X's device got stuck and im sure its the same person cos i crossed check the topics we were discussing its all correct. But when X's phone was restarted another PIN had tapped and was chatting or continued chatting in the same profile of X like X but it was another person/PIN (Y). I have proof as i took screen shots of both

    Summery - i was chatting with X and her BBM contacts were erased but on my device X continued chatting but with different PIN, Y had entered in to Xs profile on my device and pretended to chat like X. Guys im sorry its long and confusing, but it happened and i have proof. Also since i had the PIN no of Y i sent a new invite from my device. It gets better. I checked Y's profile on 3 different BB devices. On my device i can Y's photo and the real name and that PIN which appeared on X's profile. X added Y too, and appeared just the PIN (same PIN), no photo or name of Y, Z device, which was a friend of Y appeared, a different photo (different from what i have in my BBM) a different name (which u can change) same PIN. So Y's profile appears in 3 different ways for 3 users.

    And Y is the culprit here. I want proof !!! is this possible ??? Pls if anyone has experienced similar issues pls advice. Guys i have proof of above so im not making this up.

    Hope someone will reply...

    Thanks for reading
    05-15-12 05:42 AM
  2. wout000's Avatar
    If you were on BIS i'd say "impossible" it's probably a faulty device, faulty OS file or a faulty server sync..

    Being on BES makes it interesting though.
    The BES admin could be the culprit here, bad settings, action that went south, a number of this.
    I'm fairly certain you'll need to contact the BES admin, as he's the only one capable of doing what you described.
    05-15-12 06:08 AM
  3. Xopher's Avatar
    Highly doubt BBM got hacked, but it does sound like something is going on at the BES. The BES admin can wipe devices (messages going blank), possibly transfer accounts to a different device (PIN changing), and so on. Not sure if they can change PIN mapping (can't change the PIN on the actual device, though).

    It sounds more like someone was having issues with their BlackBerry and the BES admin wiped the wrong device, and possibly assigned a new BB to the wrong account.
    05-15-12 06:52 AM