1. CANADIAN1's Avatar
    so basicly i have a Pearl 3G .. i listen to music alot on it but the default bb music player is good but id really like the option of recently added songs , it has that playlist but there never songs in it even wen i add them.

    (i add by just dragging and dropping songs into the mediacard.. as the desktop manager version is slow and a waste)

    Is there a reason its not showing up in recently added songs?

    But mainly is there a better music player available that i can download.. and doesnt use data because i dont have a data plan just bbm/email.

    01-06-11 12:21 PM
  2. jjetson's Avatar
    Flipside and Hypoxia are your best bets. Hypoxia is better IMO...streaming etc. Not sure if it's available for pearl though. But it should cause it has skins.
    01-06-11 07:31 PM