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    It's a J2ME application meant to be compatible with all java phones. It does work on the BlackBerry.. here are some tips for first time users..

    When you are doing the setup and it's asking you to set the left and right softkey, set q and p as your softkeys.. remember.. cell phone with menu buttons in the corner of the screen.. don't set your trackball left and right rolls as left and right unless you really want to and are careful.

    Now, softkeys are set.. and trackball works fine for up and down in the menus..

    Now for reading books, you'll have to fiddle with the keys a bit to find the spots you like, but generally, the spacebar is the 'fire' key which turns autoscroll on and off.

    You can adjust the speed of the autoscroll. I don't use autoscroll.

    The general key layouts tend to be inverted T's.. like H for page up, K for pagedown, u for lineup, j for linedown etc.

    This isn't the only T layout on the keyboard.. there are others.. find the one you like.

    Anyway, the program works fine and can read textfiles directly.

    The only other ebook reader I could find that would read textfiles directly was AnyView.. but I didn't install it because it seemed even less english supporting than MTextReader and needed 'registration' despite being free.

    Both programs are free and written by chinese nationals who presumably don't believe in american-style proprietary DRM and lock-in formats.

    MTextReader - A convenient Java phone text reader
    09-28-08 01:03 PM
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    Thank you for posting this. I am navigating away from windows and needed a mobipocket replacement and MTextReader does a good job. I like that it uses plain text files.

    A few observations:
    It seems a little slower then MP when bringing up a book. It must be because it is a complete file and not some kind of db file. One question. How do you stop it from saying this every time I start up and try to open a book:

    "The application mtextreader has attempted to open local content. would you like to allow this?" I have checked all the permissions associated with MTextReader and should allow all. Any suggestions?
    07-08-09 09:49 PM
  3. redzapper's Avatar
    I agree. mtextreader is one of my must-install apps on my bold.
    07-22-09 09:02 AM
  4. Sammael#WN's Avatar
    Interesting, I've been looking for a decent ebook reader for a while now. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll have to check it out.
    07-22-09 09:34 AM