1. darkcloud154's Avatar
    I have MSN messenger installed on my Bold 9700. Yesterday i had a long conv on msn via my blackberry. I had already set the options on MSN to save message history to the device.

    But after having closed the conversation and signed out and then re-signing in i found that only PART of the conv had been saved and this had been done in 2 chunks rather than saving the whole conv as a whole? Considering the PC version saves it all i find it weird it has done this on the phone??

    Is there anyway i can retrieve the rest of it on my phone i.e. could it be somewhere in the cache? I downloaded and used filescout to see if i could find anything but all i could was the 2 CSV files the app had saved? How can the whole conv go missing? Must be somewhere on the device?

    Any suggestions?
    06-21-10 04:06 AM