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    Moving is always a lot of stress... I am sure this application will help you with the moving process.

    Buy Moving and Packing Ultimate Edition - Download Moving and Packing Ultimate Edition - Buy Apps from BlackBerry App World

    Moving and Packing is an very detail and easy to use helper for your moving and packing needs. With extremely informative and multiple searchable and saveable checklists such as how to avoid rogue mover, moving and packing guides, survival guide, individual boxes' items, to do items, what to do each week, etc..., you can smoothly survive the moving process.

    *** New feature in latest update: SmartStep and SmartCheck feature - save your progress as you manage your movie.

    Manage your moving comfortably at work - not at home - on your Blackberry by planning your moving ahead of time, find mover, interview, write down the items for each box, check the items as you are packing into the boxes, etc...

    Write your items, checklists and "check" individual list progress using the "SmartCheck" feature.

    Moving and Packing comes with smart list and smart steps feature with the "checked" option to keep record of your current progress, boxed or unboxed items, to do list items, shopping list, retc...

    With extremely easy to use recently viewed, multiple categories, search, favorite and other options, you can effortlessly look for the item you need. Moving and Packing also has option for you to share your list to other by email, SMS, or PIN.

    Moving and Packing comes fully tested with help menu showing how to back up your database, etc...

    Moving and Packing is the best personal management application on the market, designed specifically for Blackberry phones.

    This is the best application on the market for your moving and packing needs.

    *This application requires SD Card. Hx-cellent will listen to your comments and update the application regularly.
    04-27-12 10:36 AM