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    I have a 9700 and I won a free copy of tether and a free copy of ultimate lock and bedroid, best theme u can get, and I'm getting a 9800 as soon as it comes out, I was wondering if when I back up my device if I my themes and apps are backed up... Or do I have to go thru files and save to them media card and what not..... ALSO

    Can someone pin my pin:21CC776B because I'm on cb via BlackBerry™ and I'm not told about when someone replies to what I say but! A question bnout the storm2 keyboard. Because the 9800 will take the storms virtual keyboard and add it to the 9800 with out surepress but. On the storm. When u turn the keyboard to the 1-9 and text using the abc mode can u turn the t9 on so it'll be like texting on a razor or another 1-9 keyboard?

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    05-23-10 02:54 PM