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    09-15-10 06:22 PM
  2. 1812dave's Avatar
    I installed the app but the service doesn't start til tomorrow (9/15).
    09-15-10 06:44 PM
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    Some clueless responses in that link. Take for instance this:

    seeing as how these phones are starting to have oodles of personal info on them i like this move. however, since i only turn on GPS when i need it, i hope you can turn that feature on as well.
    You likely would only need GPS for "location" of the phone. For wipe, as long as you know your PIN/Phone number, you should be able to hit the phone wiht a wipe command.
    09-16-10 08:14 AM
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    this app is not ready for prime time. the "sound alarm" function doesn't work and so I called asurion. THEY ARE BEYOND CLUELESS. they have NO IDEA how to support this app. they sent me a "self help" email which is just a series of links to the support page for how to use the product. the problem is it DOESN'T WORK. GPS location is hit or miss, but the issue for me is that "Sound Alarm" feature is supposed to sound an alarm so that you can find your phone if it's misplaced somewhere in your home or office, for example. that's not happening. all i get is a text message. others have reported the same flaw.

    i also can't get a straight answer about if the "wipe" feature REALLY wipes the phone or just removes the contacts list as indicated in the info I read on asurion's help page. what good is that??

    here is an excerpt from the news release:

    * Device location using GPS
    * Sound alarms
    * Remote device lock
    * Remote device wipe

    how is removing Contacts a 'remote device wipe'???

    PATHETIC and a waste of time.
    09-16-10 10:11 AM