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    For some more detailed information about how this came to be please check: the Mobile Platform Messengers compared updated thread

    I hope you find it useful.

    Comparison chart details:

    The red border around the 3 latest apps show that I have filled in the chart on behalf of those apps without receiving any feedback from their creators.

    Every app with the exception of Kakoatalk and Hello! has been filled in using the feedback i have received from their creators.

    I have generated a HTML file of the chart that you can download here (zipped 4kb): Comparison Chart

    Mini reviews (by Wout000)
    Use these reviews as a mini guide, I encourage you to download and try the app if you're interested in it.

    Kik Messenger:
    Kik, is created by a former RIM employee so you know it's good, unfortunately due to a legal battle with RIM, Kik has decided to release their app without making use of any available BlackBerry API's.
    Integration with the BlackBerry platform is not as deep as other apps and the notifications of the app take over the entire screen. Something to take into account.

    I should mention that Kik has an API available that can be used in Android and iOS apps to enable chatting. Thus making the Kik and BBM platform the only platforms developers can build on.

    WhatsApp is currently the undisputed king of multi platform mobile messaging. It's presence on the iOS, Android and BB platform is extraordinary. The app itself is well built, is loaded with features and is blazing fast. WhatsApp has one of the fastest update rates in the Messenger business and has an active support team.

    Hookt is a relatively new messenger that got momentum on the BB platform after being picked up by Crackberry.com and featured on their frontpage. It features are minimal but their development team is active at work to add features requested by users. What sets Hookt apart is their GUI, the stylish cyan colors combined with black give this app a refreshing look. Hookt has active support.

    Touch (used to be pingchat) reinvented the messenger concept by adding a social element. Touch acts like a mini social network where you can share your pictures, videos, events, etc... to your friends and family to chat about or just chat directly to friends and family. Support is amazing and app updates are regular.

    Cnectd is a well established messenger app that delivers. It brings features like compression, encryption, etc.. to the table without compromising on speed or stability. Premium support and regular updates complete the picture.

    GroupMe is the oddball out, it's a popular messenger app that takes a different approach to messaging. It allows you to make 'groups', adding friends to the group and chatting away. In a way it mimics a chatroom. No worries though, private messaging is available so the entire group doesn't see what you're talking about. This app is backed by phenomenal customer support and an active development team.

    Well polished GUI and a slew of features makes this a very popular app. This messenger is available on almost any mobile platform, including Kindle. They have dedicated support and an active development team. A social element gives this messenger a twist, news feeds show you status updates from all your friends in your addressbook.

    The service is hugely popular in South Korea, where almost everyone that owns a smartphone uses Kakao Talk. So popular it sees about 1 billion messages per day! Unfortunately it has not catched the attention of the European and American people there for finding someone with this app on his/her smartphone outside the borders of South Korea is rare...

    Hello! Messenger:
    A basic messenger, unfortunately twitter feed has not been updated since 30 december 2011. Presumed dead.

    Their app and blog have not been updated since mid 2011. Presumed dead.
    Update: LiveProfile has contacted me, they are in the progress of revamping their Messenger app. So stay tuned!
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    Thanks wout000 for all that effort!

    Are there any decent IM services that connect BB with WebOS?
    04-19-12 03:32 AM
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    Thanks wout000 for all that effort!

    Are there any decent IM services that connect BB with WebOS?
    IM+ or the webclient from Hookt as far as i know.
    04-19-12 05:58 AM
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    Certain two facts on this thread unequivocally the best we have all had.Its dead easy and pretty difficult to go wrong.
    I agreed what's said above!!!
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    interesting thread.
    I wonder if you have heard about eBuddy XMS and would be willing to try it out. Available for BB, iOS, Android, Nokia and Windows Phone.

    I'd also be happy to answer your questions about the application.
    10-08-12 03:09 AM