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    Hi! I am berry and all technology challenged but have a vzw 8330 curve. I am now adicted to figuring it out, along with my previous addiction to ebay. (big mistake on husband's part to teach me about ebay!!!) anyway, I can not get ebay mobile to view correctly on my curve. I am using the m.ebay.com web address, from the menu button I have changed the page view to column with no success, under options, general properties I have changed the default view, and pulled the battery. I called Verizon and they could not help me, and I sent a help email to the ebay technical support but have not heard from them. It's so annoying as my other bookmarks are viewable, and I know it's something on this one, as my work blackberry gets the ebay mobile site just fine. I have tried to compare settings, but I guess since that is IT\BES I can't see all the same things I see on my own blkberry. Does anyone here have any ideas for me???

    Thank you for your help!! I have learned alot from just reading these forums!!!
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    Will ahve to think about for a bit, I have no rpblem with the mobile ebay site myself. But I am not on a BES either. I know when on BES that the IT dept can control just about everything on the device.

    You might want to try and clear the browser cache and do a battery reset to see if this might help.
    07-03-08 09:09 PM
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    You may also try the old WAP site .. Which IMO is easier to navigate.

    eBay Main

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    I was looking at the site... Alas ATT is not listed as a carrier.. I hope they will add it soon.
    07-03-08 09:56 PM
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    I just downloaded the ebay app to my Storm 2. I have an icon on the app itself as if I have a message. There are no messages! How do I get rid of the message (*) indicator on the app...thanks in advance for all replies.
    05-29-10 09:06 PM