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    This is my first post so I hope I give enough information and ask properly!

    I have a Verizon Tour and am running 5.0.419. For a long time I ran the OS that came with the phone (4.x, don't remember exactly), and I had this problem then and now, so I do not think it is related to the OS.

    My problem is when I receive a new Google Talk message, in my Messages folder, you will, for example, see Mr. Smith saying "How are you?" As we know, this is the most recent message he sent. However, when I click the message and Google Talk opens, I am missing "How are you?" Instead, it has an old IM that could be several hours old or even a few minutes old. Therefore, I know I got a new message, but when I open the message, my last few chats/Ims are missing.

    I've tried reinstalling Google Talk plenty of times, resetting the phone, etc etc.

    I'm lost
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    03-04-10 05:17 PM
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    Did I do something wrong? Not a single response!
    03-17-10 03:38 PM
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    probably because you have Verizon...


    Have you tried scrolling down the conversation? Maybe it is rolled up to older stuff?

    When you reply does it bump the conversation down? Maybe it is stuck in an older conversation?

    and the settings, do you save conversations? To the media card?
    03-17-10 06:09 PM
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    devs2k you are not alone i have the same problem im still on and i have the latest gtalk installed. it is really frustrating because, if say the person sending me a message is longer that what is shown on the msg folder i cant read the rest. and then they get frustrated at ME!! :? i haven't been able to find a fix for it yet
    04-09-10 09:57 AM