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    Hi, guys. I got my first Blackberry not that much time ago, but now, with Bold 9900 I feel happy. And I would like to spend some time coding nice stuff for it (I have around 10 year of coding experience for different platforms, so it is real ).

    So, the main question of this topic is : WHAT APPS ARE YOU MISSING ON BLACKBERRY??
    I don't mean 3D games, all those flying birds, instagrams, but really needed, helpful apps.
    At the moment I see:
    - IRC client (not widely used, but I need it!)
    - Good free SSH client - it should be here from start, with this qwerty keyboard!

    I plan to start from them, but maybe you'll suggest something other.
    Also I should note that I plan to distribute all these apps for free (with donation, for those who would like it), just because I like a platform.

    Thanks for your input.
    07-13-12 04:56 PM