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    so heres the story, i managed to fry my curve (dont ask, im amazing with technology) and i got a 8120 from a friend of mine who bought it just for a quick replacement phone...when i turned it on, it works fine and all, but things are missing, like maps (which i use quite a bit) and brickbreaker, help, tasks, and one or two others...i know you can put them baick on by just doing an app load (i think, i know how to do it on an older version of the dm, i just cant explain it)
    so, all day ive been trying to update the software from 4.3 to the 4.5, it wont let me. im on rogers wireless (eh) and i know they havent released the upgrade yet, so i was using the at&t upgrade. i know to delete the vendor.xml, but yet it still wont work...
    i get to just after it says "ram image" or something, and then stops, and tells me a "fatal error has occurred" and to try again
    i eventually just gave up on the upgrade, but it seems the only way i can get my missing apps back is to do an upgrade? this is where im lost...
    the older version of the dm, i didnt have to do anything with new software to get back my apps, but now that ive downloaded the newest dm i can, i have to?
    can someone help me?
    i appologise if this is really long, or confusing or anything...
    if you need me to clarify anything, ill be more then happy to answer you if you can help me out.
    thank you all kindly
    08-12-09 08:27 PM