1. Jakem90's Avatar
    So I just upgraded to OS 5 and now when I open up Desktop Manager it tells me that 4.6 is preferred but a bunch of apps are missing like all my Games (Brickbreaker, Poker etc) and in Applications on my phone I'm missing Docs to go etc. Did I upgrade wrong? I'm running V5.0.0.238
    05-31-10 01:03 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar

    I'd recommend downloading the latest (.681) version and when you get to the point where you choose what the OS will install, check carefully what is marked and what isn't, so you don't miss on apps you want installed.

    As for Docs2Go, you can get it from AppWorld or DataViz (I recommend the latter).
    05-31-10 01:53 PM