1. myronic's Avatar
    When Jott left Beta and some genius over there decided BB users should have to pay 3x the amount iBlown users do, for a service that was clearly inferior, I dropped them like a bricked, overhyped MacBook.

    After googling a bit, I finally found this other service, reQall, who had more function and none of the useless clunky hipness of Jott. Anyway, the service was excellent and the developer seemed a down-to-earth guy (albeit something of a memory GTD guru, and I mean that in a good way). So I says to him on the Facebook fan group: "Ay! Guy! Do that programming mojo for my BlackBerry." And today, I gets a friendly email containing my daily "jotts" with a tiny, unintrusive announcement (take a hint, Jott), that my prayers were answered! Here's the blurb, copied and pasted fresh from my BB:

    reQall for BlackBerry
    Free, beta version now available!

    reQall for BlackBerry offers all the regular reQall features you love, such as voice-to-text and timely reminders, PLUS it integrates with native BlackBerry functions such as email, memo pad and calendar. That means you can automatically create To-Dos and Notes from within these BlackBerry functions using a simple "reQall this" menu option.

    If you use a BlackBerry, download reQall for BlackBerry at http://www.reqall.com/blackberry. Then let us know what you think!

    -Awesome, man, that's what I think! Thank you reQall!

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    09-30-08 08:48 PM
  2. CipherDias's Avatar
    looks interesting, I will give it a try!
    10-01-08 06:22 AM
  3. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    This isn't a "beta now, pay later" plan I hope? LOL, cos it does looks like a good thing.
    10-01-08 06:57 AM
  4. francscrackin's Avatar
    Does it work with bbm?

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    10-01-08 07:24 AM
  5. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    Well, he is being upfront. It won't be free forever. In any case, I don't mind paying for good apps, so I'll give it a try.
    10-01-08 07:29 AM
  6. myronic's Avatar
    *francscrackin:: I uninstalled BBM so no idea. But I keep finding reQall menu in different apps even today, so I wouldn't be surprised.

    Trelawrence:: I feel the same. I haven't yet bought an app in half a year of having a curve, but immediately when I installed this, I was hooked and decided if any app was worth my support, it's this one.

    That said, it does say that there will always be a free version of reQall, and I do feel if it does start to charge, it won't be a ripoff.

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    10-01-08 09:43 AM
  7. attyhoop's Avatar
    It does not really work. The transcribing is terrible. You say something and about a half hour later it is still telling you "still typing what you said". I thought at first it was a great program, but now it seems like a waste of time and space. I have removed it from my Curve, and I don't see it going back on, until I get a decent explanation from its creators, as to that glitch. Just be forewarned, its not all its cracked up to be...
    10-06-08 12:12 PM
  8. someone's Avatar
    You can get this off of the new app store as well: berrystore.com from your blackberry will install a new appstore.
    10-07-08 07:39 AM
  9. rhart00's Avatar
    I am very impressed by this app. I had my doubts at first (never had much luck with speech recognition). It seems to work incredibly well. I click "add by voice" and talk into the phone. All of my test messages have been transcribed to text perfectly. One minor complaint. It does take a few minutes before reqall successfully transcribes your voice message into text. But it isn't like I really need to recall what I just said a minute ago anyways. Haven't tried the "add by calling" option yet, but don't think I would have much use for it anyways.
    10-16-08 08:29 PM