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    Ok ..... So I love BB and the 9930, not much i can complain about w the device. That being said im pretty annoyed by the fact theres no Fantasy Football apps ... its a HUGE part of a lot of peoples fall and winter months and to not have a dedicated app for it just sucks !!! I understand what my BB is and its not a toy ....but im rarley home to use my playbook for F Football ...meaning im stuck using the browser to look @ scores and updates which is a major pain ( constatly clicking links on accident ) ....get w the times app world, espn, or whoever else is needed to make these apps available !!!!!!

    oh and if i missed and app or theres one on the web plz fill me in haha

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    08-28-12 07:25 AM
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    There USED to be apps, but they have been discontinued, ESPN and Yahoo now expect us to just use their mobile website, which to be fair IS pretty robust. Also with the 9930 or any 7.0 BB (or 6.0 BB for that matter) you can use the full site also which is what I do.
    08-28-12 08:37 AM
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    I have the same problem, but with rpgs!

    There's a big market for this platform thats not beeing explored!


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    08-28-12 09:05 AM
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    I fantasize about Apps of all kinds
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    08-28-12 03:24 PM