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    Hi guys..
    i guess what im about to ask is pretty common and im gonna sound like a noob.
    but i have read hundreds of threads and havent been able to solve my problem. so here goes:

    i have a blackberry 8520 curve. i live in sri lanka. and i use dialog gsm prepaid.
    since the BB plan in Sri lanka is too expensive for me. i installed mini opera so that i can browse the net using gprs/wap. i have done all the right settings.
    TCP/IP settings are in order. the APN is correct. yet my mini opera says -"unable to connect to the internet.pls check your settings"

    on the top right corner of my phone i do get edge or gprs (all lower case)
    so i do know that i get a basic data plan. but for some reason i just cant get mini opera to work. i have read numerous threads with people saying "YAY mini opera works and i dont need a bb plan". so someone..pls....for the love of humanity and all things good...HELP ME

    in case i missed some configuration information..do ask ..i shall reply asap. thanks
    11-01-10 01:17 AM