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    meXev is a mathematical app by Mark Anthony. It allows unlimited creation of formulas. Awesome tool on the field for marketers & factory foremen.

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    10-09-12 06:36 AM
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    Thanks for mentioning the app. It is just sad that people didn't notice it. My intention was to relieve people of having to download different apps for different calculation purposes like conversion tools and other utilities. My fault that I didn't include basic formulas predefined in the app e.g. converters, tip calculators, etc. But then I intentionally didn't put them so that people who don't really need them wouldn't be annoyed.

    My PC died and lost my java source codes... Sad it wouldn't make its way to BB 10. The algorithm I wrote to parse and analyze user keyed in formulas is too complex and I don't have the time to rewrite it anymore.

    Again thank you and I'm glad someone noticed my app.
    10-10-12 05:22 AM
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    meXev needs 2D & 3D graph plotting feature.

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    10-11-12 02:53 AM