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    I updated my phone the night the new OS came out. Everything went smoothly. Now however I have my phone set to re-set at 0900 every morning and it will say resetting device but then never do it. I will either have to do an actual battery pull or if it has been awhile it will say it didnt do it.
    Also when the phone re-sets it tells me after it starts that meterberry has done something cant recall what exactly to the meterberry modules. I think it was replace them or something.
    Everything else is working fine. What happened to meterberry and how do I fix it?
    Oh and one small other issue Ive noticed is after pulling the phone out of the leather puch that has the magnet is now I have to press the keys a couple of times to get the phone to wake up, previously the phone would be lit up and ready when I would pull it out. Any ideas on this?
    04-01-10 09:57 PM