1. Ray III's Avatar
    Hey, there is a feature I miss from my 9670 flip phone. It had a front screen that new messages would pop up on, and if I wanted to preview those messages while in a hurry I could scroll through them with the volume buttons. Also, when charging in the dock, the front screen showed notifications, battery level, and date in addition to the time.

    Sadly, the 9930 does no such thing, it simply blinks the red light. And when charging there is only the clock and I don't know what type of notification just came in.

    Is there an app that does anything like that?

    Note that I am NOT interested in the message preview apps that make a popup while you're actually using the phone.
    04-13-14 09:05 AM
  2. Ray III's Avatar
    Also, when I pressed the convenience key while the flip was closed (like locking the phone), I'd get the screen with time, notifications, etc. That one alone was really handy, with the 9930 you have to unlock and return to the home screen to see what time it is...
    04-13-14 09:08 AM

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