1. Mercsadies's Avatar
    Okay - so I have a mess of calendars going on. Here's the run down.

    At work: I use Outlook on a PC but my boss wants me to use Google Cal so I sync (2-way) and I see all the stuff on my and his calendars. No problem. I have a work-Gmail setup and use it for the calendar and occasionally for email when I'm out of the office on trips.

    At home: I am on an iMac. I use iCal for my freelance business and personal stuff. I was able to sync the Google Cal to the iCal and I see my work and my bosses work calendars. Hooray.

    Here's the snafu ... I added the GoogleSync to my BB. It's in the apps and I can manually sync. But here's my question - how do I see what account I have this syncing with?

    The only thing that ever shows up on my BB, are things that were added through Outlook as invites. None of the regular scheduled things show up. I receive my work, freelance, and personal email on my BB as well - so I guess I'm not even sure if this is syncing with anything, or if it's only getting the info from emails.

    I will remove the GoogleSync from the BB if I have to ... but if someone can tell me where to find the Gmail settings, I would rather do that.
    09-18-09 11:17 AM
  2. SmoothRT's Avatar
    If you open up Google Sync on your Blackberry, you can hit the menu key and choose options. There you can select which Google Calendars you want to sync with your blackberry. This is great, but the only negative is that all of the Google Calendars will sync with the one blackberry calendar you label is default. There is no current way to sync different Google calendars with different blackberry calendars (which I really hope they implement in the future!).
    09-18-09 11:52 AM