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    At some point I created another Blackberry ID. This "second" ID was never used and all my apps/purchases are on my first/primary ID. However, the email address used for this primary ID is being deleted in about a week. I wanted to just change the email address associated with and be all set, but since the email I wanted to change it to already has an account set up.

    Is there a way to merge these two into one account? Or can I delete the second ID account so that the email address can replace the current primary email address? I am concerned about deleting the second in case there is a time frame that the email addresses are retained for, preventing them from being used.

    04-11-11 11:22 AM
  2. jhanks64's Avatar
    I want to know also.
    05-09-12 12:32 AM
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    If you have no apps in the second one i do not see why you cannot delete that acct. Have you tried to delete it? If it sont delete you may have to email support.
    05-09-12 06:41 AM
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    I have a bunch of apps that I don't want to have to purchase again.

    When I setup my Playbook, I created a second BBID, thinking that was better, now I realize my mistake.
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    05-09-12 11:17 PM
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    There is no option under the current BIS system to merge two BB IDs. Unfortunately I don't think RIM has any plans to come up with it either.

    It would be great if they allow merging like Google allow us to merge email accounts.

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    05-09-12 11:41 PM
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    Anyone know if there has been a change to whether you can merge BB IDs?
    09-26-12 10:24 PM
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    Sorry for reviving an old thread. Just came here looking for a solution. Here's what I found; worked for me.

    How to delete a BlackBerry ID(KB25464-How to delete a BlackBerry ID)
    03-05-13 02:39 PM
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    That is nice to know, but doesn't help merge purchases.
    03-06-13 02:13 AM
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    True. But I was more just replying to the op and his problem.

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    03-07-13 11:08 PM
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    I would so much love this! I have couple of blackberry IDs I would like to merge but it seems I will need to delete others.
    10-23-13 06:45 PM