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    04-24-10 12:09 PM
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    Sorry for flubbing the post. Never started a thread with Berryblab before.

    Anyway, I noticed something weird and thought I'd throw it out to the community to see if this is normal or not.

    I had a few uninstalled apps in BB App World that I wanted to clear out so I decided to reset. I opened App World, held the alt key, typed rst & it reset. Everything worked fine, but when I went into My World afterward I had gained 14 MB's of free memory - I checked it on the device and got the same reading. About 20 minutes later, memory had dropped by about 8MB's, which still gave me a net increase of 4MB's as compared to the pre-reset readings. Is App World this much of a memory hog?

    Anyone have an explanation for this or a similar experience?

    Thanks & all the best.

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    04-24-10 12:16 PM
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    wow, mine jumped from 96 to 111...

    Wonder why?

    04-24-10 09:25 PM
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    I'm not sure why, but the same thing happens to me when I upgrade to a newer version of BBM.... I usually can find about 8-10 mb
    04-24-10 09:53 PM