1. justinloussia's Avatar
    I highly recommended downloading the Memory Booster RAM app from BB App World. Its really worth the $5 my phone goes extremely faster than it already did and has not frozen once since I downloaded it. Also seems to run alot more efficiently like a blackberry should.
    08-16-10 04:16 PM
  2. Shao128's Avatar
    They should just call the app Placebo Booster. There is absolutely no need for an app like this on a device with 512mb of RAM. The little access to memory functions that RIM does provide to 3rd party developers will do NOTHING to speed up your device. If you had 1mb free on your device and you had an app to run a garbage collection that may help, but I repeat there is no need for it on the 9800.

    Im sorry to say if you think your device is running faster you are just fooling yourself, there is no technical way an app can do that in the way it's describing.
    08-16-10 04:49 PM